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Concept and organization:
Günther Witzany telos - Philosophische Praxis,
Erich Hamberger Department for Communication Science,
University of Salzburg in co-operation with
Schatzkammer Land Salzburg, Kulturelle Sonderprojekte

National Preparatory Committee
Nikolaus Bresgen, Department of Cell Biology, University of Salzburg,
Austria Peter Eckl, Department of Cell Biology, University of Salzburg, Austria
Hiltrud Oman, Curator Sigl Haus Museum

Leopold Kohr Academy, Neukirchen am Großvenediger, Salzburg,
Austria Department of Cell Biology, University of Salzburg,
Austria Department of Communication Science, University of Salzburg, Austria

To know the “molecular syntax” (Manfred Eigen) of the genetic sequences of organisms doesn’t mean to know all “multiple protein meanings” (Gil Ast) that derive from a great variety of higher-order regulatory functions hidden in the non-protein-coding DNA. The network of higher- order regulatory functions and its important role to the key processes in DNA replication and recombination is now being recognized as a complex hierarchical pattern. This includes also the highly dynamic patterns of genome formatting as prerequisite to the great variety of epigenetic processes as demonstrated by Randy Jirtle at the Biosemiotic Congress 2006 in Salzburg. The whole toolbox of “natural genetic engineering” (James Shapiro) apparently involves complex interactional networks of text-editing competences. Interestingly, recent research on the important roles of viruses in the evolution of life has now provided strong evidence that all key features of natural genetic engineering have been derived through different life-strategies of viruses throughout the history of evolution. What is the aim of this Symposium? This symposium assembles experts from different fields to discuss a new understanding of code- generating and genome-formatting factors based on the knowledge of key features of natural genetic engineering (James Shapiro) and on the book “Viruses and the Evolution of Life” (Luis P. Villarreal). This should lead to new insights in evolution, development, health and disease and yield an appropriate framework to examine key processes of Genome-Editing in general and in detail. High troughput of discourse dynamics The symposium will be limited to 20 talks and a maximum of 50 participants to guarantee a high throughput of informational and discourse dynamics and will require – as a prerequisite for every participant – knowledge of “Viruses and the Evolution of Life” (Luis P. Villarreal, 2005).

Conference Locations for Download PDF, 293 Kb Registration Form Doc, 45 Kb For registration, please send a filled registration form?either per post or e-mail to: Dr. Hiltrud Oman, Vogelsangstraße 18c, A-5111-Bürmoos, AustriaAustria?? E-mail oman@sbg.at ?Tel +43-6274 6805 ?Fax +43-6274 6805 for confirmation of your attendance at the conference. Registration Fees 200 €uros include 2 coffee breaks and lunch everyday, welcome party, gala dinner and conference materials & participation. Dinners at St. Virgil are to be paid extra by yourself. Accompany persons?: Are exempt from all conference fees, welcome party and gala dinner are at no cost as well; however, they would have to pay for all their meals (lunch, dinners and coffee breaks) when at the conference site. Payment Bank Registration fee is to be paid in advance by bank transfer Cash ?at the conference site will be possible.

Salzburg / Accommodation Symposium Natural Genetic Engineering and Natural Genome Editing Due to its unique architecture playing with the elements of nature and space the Seminar Hotel and Conference Centre St. Virgil provides an atmosphere to inspire this unique event in Salzburg. Natural Genetic Engineering and Natural Genome Editing 2008 will take place at:

Conference Centre St. Virgil
Ernst-Grein-Straße 14,
A-5026 Salzburg-Aigen,

Franziska Oberholzner
Tel: +43/662/65901-519

Have a look to St. Virgil by the google map >

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