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Concept and organization:
Concept and Organization:

Guenther Witzany >, telos-Philosophische Praxis and Scientific Board Leopold Kohr Academy
Erich Hamberger, Communication Science and Transdisciplinary Research.
In co-operation with Schatzkammer Land Salzburg, Kulturelle Sonderprojekte

Members of the National Preparatory Committee
Peter Eckl, Department of Cell Biology, University of Salzburg
Nikolaus Bresgen, Department of Cell Biology, University of Salzburg
Hiltrud Oman, Curator

Leopold Kohr Academy > Neukirchen am Gro▀venediger, Salzburg



GenConText 2008
The biocommunicative approach investigates genetic and genomic content arrangements according to linguistic features determined by contextual needs. Research & publications >

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